Reebok Blue


Condition: Worn 3 times, i think

Size: M

Price: RM10 onlyRM6

Yellow by Dis Direction

Yellow by Dis-Direction

Material: Polyester (smooth)

Size: 10

Our Price: 10 only

White Necklace:

Our Price:  RM7 only!
RM5 with any purchase

Elegant Oriental

Worn 3 times at max, then kept in cupboard

Sexy slit on the left
Very oriental and awesome mix
Colour is dark washed denim-like

Material: Cotton & lyrca mix (i think)

Size: 8

For any purchase of items from us,
yours at only RM28!


Rosey Stripe

Worn  a few times..

Colour is off-white

Hidden buttons (see pic)

Size: S (fits up to small M)

Yours at only RM15!

Insomnia White

Worn 3 times at max

Material: corduroy

Size pockets

Colour: Off white (hint of beige)

With any purchase on our site,
yours for only RM15!

GAP yellow

Worn 3 times??

Low V neck  *winks*

Size: XS (overrated for asians!!)
Fits up to M!

Yours for only RM24!!
RM15 only

Black & White Satin Halter Dress

Bought in the boutique for RM120 (around there)

Material: Satin with inner lining

Size:  M

Length: 65.5cm (back measurements)
Ribs: 35cm laid flat (stretchable area)

Details: Detachable flower, inner lining, side zipper, even gathers behind

Our price: RM20 only!
(purchased at RM98)


Grey Pinafore Dress

Condition: New without tags

Material: Wooly cotton like

Fits UK 8 to 10


Formal Smooth Top

Condition: New without tags

material: Satin

Length: 62cm
Sleeve Length: 36cm
Bust: 44cm

Fit size UK4 - UK10

Colour: White

Price: RM 48.00

Floral Printed Dress

the dress is the same... but what we have is in this prints

Size: S
Fits UK 10-  UK 12

Material: Viscose

Absolutely soft and smooth and no ironing required!

Retail: AUD32 (RM 90 equivalent)

Our Price: RM56 only

Studded Singlet

Condition: Brand new with tags

Size: XS
Fits UK 8 to 10

Material: 94% cotton, 6% spandex

Colour: Purple and Grey= 1 unit each

Retails: AUD 20

Our price: RM40 only

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